Channel 7 – The Morning Show


During our time on the road, we were contacted by Channel 7 to come in and chat to them about our life on the road. We appeared on The Daily Edition a month or two ago and then were asked to come into the studio with the children and chat to Larry and Kylie on The Morning Show!

We took the opportunity to spend some time in Sydney and made the trip down the coast. Leaving the Airstream at a friends property in the Blue Mountains and then staying at a friend’s apartment in Watson’s Bay, meant we could settle in and have Sydney on our doorstep for the week (and a bit more space than what we’re used to!!).

We had a busy morning getting organised to head into Channel 7 and managed to utilise public transport to avoid parking and peak hour. The kids were all pretty excited about their morning venture on the train, each of them tapping their opal cards to get on and off the train and getting excited about the escalators (it’s the little things). A double decker train meant that we were upstairs every time (of course, by request of the children!).

Meeting everyone in Channel 7 was such a pleasure – they were all so lovely and welcoming! A trip down to makeup ensured everyone was looking their best and then we moved through to the studio to get mic’d up. We managed a quick chat with Kylie and Larry before the camera’s starting rolling. It was around a four minute segment and the time flew by, before we knew it, we were walking out of the studio. It was over in a flash and like most things, we were reflecting on what we said and hoping it all came across as we had intended. In all, it was a fun experience, Sunnie finding a new friend in Kylie and deciding she likes her fashion sense, taking a real shine to her earrings! The kids were all very excited and feeling very proud of themselves as we were escorted out of Channel 7. Another little highlight to add to our adventures on the road!

Please find the link here to watch the segment!

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