Our Story

Leading a busy life raising four energetic children and working long hours at work, we would often ask ourselves what was it all for. What is important in life? We came to one conclusion. The most important thing in our life is our health, because without our health we have nothing, and family.  This is obviously followed closely by dear friends, which is essentially family anyway.

We were working such long hours and getting so busy with life that we felt we had to change something or life would simply pass us by. After 20 years working in the dairy industry (a carpenter by trade), Glenn decided to leave the industry (and I supported his decision with maybe one or two high fives). We felt it was not serving us in terms of what we wanted out of life. We felt we had no work life balance, it was all work. So, we decided to sell up…we had machinery and cows, so they were all sold and Glenn went back to building for six months.

Not having had the opportunity to really travel during that twenty years, we decided to hit the road and travel Australia.

We put our house on the market, and figured, if it was meant to be, it would sell. We spent 4-5 months of weekends building retaining walls, fences, sheds, gates and about 80 sq metres of decking and boardwalks around the house.  It sold within a week!

We had bought our Airstream Caravan to begin a styled escapes business, but also utilise the van for a trip around Australia, so, throw into the six months before we left, starting a new business, working three days a week in Events Management and a photoshoot! Needless to say, it was busy, even off the farm, but exciting times…and the best part is, we were doing it together!

The funny thing is, in the lead up to our trip, we had so many people telling us how brave we were taking this step, but for us it would have been a bigger risk, staying in the same area we grew up in, without having explored Australia in search of other opportunities!

We bought a shipping container and packed everything we own into it and in early February, hit the road! All we knew? We were headed west!

As a family and as individuals, we feel as though this year has been the best thing we’ve ever done. It’s been the biggest and best step we’ve ever taken. Spending every day together with no other focus, other than exploring this beautiful country together. We have absolutely no regrets and if anything, want to help inspire other families to pack up and do the same!

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