What do we cook while on the road? What we would normally cook at home! Being on the road is no different except that on occasion, when you’re in remote locations, fresh produce isn’t always on hand.

Here’s two of our favourites dishes!

Messy Nachos

Crunch up some corn chips in a bowl. Add meat seasoned with taco seasoning (optional). Add the following ingredients in layers:

Grated cheese, a sprinkling of salad (below), salsa, guacamole (below), sour cream, jalapeños, chopped pecans and coriander.

Salad: (finely chop in equal parts) raw broccoli, raw cauliflower, apple, celery, grated carrot, cucumber.

Guacamole: Ripe and firm avocado’s chopped and mixed together, tomatoes, purple onion, celery, chilli powder, tabasco and lemon juice.

Once layered in a bowl, eat with a spoon!

Messy nacho’s served in our coconut bowls!

Messy Sushi/Sushi Bowl:

Sushi Rice in a bowl, layered with diced cucumber, avocado, tuna mixed with mayo (or salmon), seaweed sprinkles, kewpie mayonnaise, soy sauce, ginger and wasabi. Play with the portions of each ingredient and do what works for you. Eat with a spoon!

One of our favourite meals on the road